The Level

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Imagine actually being excited to get to work every day. Not because work itself is suddenly so much more interesting (it’s probably not) — but because your back pain is gone, you’ve officially kicked the after-lunch slump, and you’re focusing longer and doing better work every day.

How do you make this transformation? With the Level®: a stunningly simple way to move more at work.

Step up to the Level’s smooth, sturdy surface and get moving. Your natural micro-movements on this board willstrengthen and stabilize your body, soothe stiff joints, burn calories, and keep you awake and alert — even through the overwhelming urge to curl up under your desk after lunch.

In third-party studies of more than 400 Level users, a majority felt more comfortable, and more productive after using the Level for just one week. Read the research. Not to mention…being on the Level is just plain fun, as shown by the jaw-dropping 83% of users who felt happier when using the Level.

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