Queen City Collective Coffee

Queen City Collective Coffee

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In many ways, Queen City started in the mid-2000s while we worked, researched, and played in rural Africa. From Zimbabwe to Rwanda, we spent nearly a decade coordinating humanitarian programs, organizing research projects, and kicking around on humble soccer fields with friends. We learned about community in Africa — real, honest community.

Collective coffee means we’re doing this together — we have real, tangible connection with our coffee farmers; we know the conditions of their production; we then small-batch roast their coffee in the city we love and we proudly serve it in Denver’s historic Baker neighborhood. We believe everyone is welcome to this ragtag group because good coffee should build the collective good.

Belafonte // Double Origin

  • Your everyday coffee // a mix of two origins, Colombian + Ethiopian
  • Like Zissou's SS Belafonte, QC's flagship double origin coffee is quirky, layered but always dependable. Whether you're grinding the 9 to 5, weekend chillaxing or hunting jaguar sharks to revenge Esteban, the Belafonte gets you where you need to go.
  • Reminds us of -- smooth chocolate & sweet berries

Los Venteños // Colombia

  • Produced by 19 smallholder farmers in La Unión, Nariño, Los Venteños is a community collaboration coffee organized by our buddy Herbert Peñaloza through his La Real Expedición Botánica project. The goal of the project is to increase environmental stewardship and refine coffee growing practices/processing techniques with smallholder farmers in Colombia. Herbert’s vision is to see farming become a more stable livelihood for the communities in which he works by increasing the quality, and therefore the price, of the coffee produced.
  • Reminds us of -- milk chocolate & yellow apple 

Busanze CWS // Rwanda

  • This is QC's first lot from a brand spanking new washing station called Busanze located in a remote region of Rwanda's southern Nyaruguru district. Prior to the Busanze station opening, there were few processing options for coffee producers in this region and so farmers had to hike over mountain ranges to sell their cherries. The team behind Busanze is eager to provide easier access for farmers and support quality coffee production. In fact, in its first year of operation Busanze ranked 7th in the Alliance Cup of excellence award with a score of 89 points. But even cooler, the Busanze team is promoting the conservation of natural resources through good agricultural practices because the washing station sits adjacent to one of Rwanda's renowned biodiversity zones, the Nyugwe Forest. Good coffee for a good environment. Can't be mad at that!
  • Reminds us of -- Sweet orange & Bright florals 

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