PET Water Bottle

PET Water Bottle

Minimum order of 12

Designed with uninterrupted lines and minimalism in mind, our PET Water Bottle is a sleek, classic icon from dinner table to tote bag, built to be the perfect fit for your everyday lifestyle. Made of high quality BPA-free non-toxic PET plastic featuring sleek silver details, the Bottle is specifically engineered for durability and safe use with Aarke Carbonator sparkling water appliances, and will never leak “plastic taste” into your water. For your safety, please note that the Aarke Bottle is the only vessel approved for use with the Aarke Carbonator. Flavors and syrups available for additional purchase.

  • Non-toxic BPA free water bottle made from premium PET
  • With details in black chrome
  • Not suitable for dishwashers

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