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Laptop riser with integrated whiteboard

Meet Lift™, FluidStance's two-in-one personal whiteboard and laptop riser that improves the ergonomics of your workspace—and your comfort—by raising your laptop to the ideal height for viewing as a primary or secondary monitor.

With its integrated whiteboard, Lift helps increase your productivity by giving you a premium, billboard-like surface to jot down notes in real-time. The reusable whiteboard surface eliminates the need for paper notes, removing clutter and reducing your eco-footprint.

Perfect for any office, Lift also works great in non-traditional work environments like your kitchen, garage, or backyard. Reference your laptop for instructions, recipes, how-to videos, or even your favorite shows, all while taking notes.

Lift has silicone grommets to protect your desk surface, while a thoughtfully placed felt pad, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, allows for a soft and silent surface connection with your laptop.

As with all of FluidStance's products, Lift was developed and manufactured with sustainability and a lifetime-of-use in mind. Made from 100% solid steel and powder-coated using a low-emissions process.

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