Give the Gift of Great Experiences

Our Experiences

Whether it’s a virtual yoga class coupled with branded yoga mats or a digital bartending class with shakers and ice trays mailed to your team, we turn “forced fun” into something everyone wants in on. Pairing gifts with an experience from one of our key experts is a great way to keep your team close, even when you’re not together.


Connect with your team in the most fun way possible, by making a drink! Enjoy Happy Hour with our expert mixologist from award-winning Williams & Graham.


Indulge in a collection of gourmet chocolates infused with different flavors stemming from current-day events, paired with your choice of wine from our amazing selection.


Bring the joy of a winery to your home and your teammates' homes by hosting a virtual wine tasting.


Have your team take a break from their busy days with a virtual yoga session. We promise, this will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Tea Tasting

Enjoy a fun and educational experience exploring the art of tea