Mixology with Jimmy Kenyon

Connect with your team in the most fun way possible, by making a drink! Enjoy Happy Hour with our expert mixologist from award-winning Williams & Graham.

The Mixology Experience

Bring the party to everyone’s homes! Choose from one of our cocktail bundles (each of which includes two unique cocktails): Whiskey Cocktails, Mezcal Cocktails, Seasonal Cocktails, and Champagne spritz. All of our cocktail gift boxes include the necessary ingredients, a jigger and a takeaway card. Optional (branded) product add-ons include shakers, glassware, specific ice cube trays, whiskey stones, and other bar tools. Don’t forget to "Cheers!" at the end!

Experience Options

Mezcal Cocktails
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Whiskey Drink
Whiskey Cocktails
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Global Refreshers (Seasonal)
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Summer Sippin' (Seasonal)
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  • A hand-crafted, unique cocktail class learning how to make the cocktail on your own
  • Choose 2 cocktails per class
  • Learn the history of the drink and how/when to use certain bar tools
  • Up to a 60-minutes class
  • An opportunity to learn and ask questions from our professional mixologist
  • Bond with your team over a common experience
  • Takeaway cards, with a note taking section, provided
  • Starting at $110.00 per person
  • Consists of cocktail ingredients, including selected liquor, and jigger

Meet Jimmy Kenyon

Bartending and Hospitality runs in the blood for Jimmy Kenyon. His family has run and operated bars in northern New Jersey since the 1930s. After a brief run in the sports industry, working for the New York Jets and New Jersey Devils, Jimmy decided to dive head first into the family business in 2017. During this time, Jimmy has traveled across the country and the world to further his knowledge on spirits and hospitality.

  • Bartender/Manager at Williams & Graham- Best bar in America, Spirited awards 2015
  • Bartender/Manager at Occidental
  • Competed in Bartender Boxing
  • BarSmarts certified
Jimmy Kenyon

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