Coffee Tasting with Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Bring your team together virtually over your favorite morning mug

Brew Coffee to Perfection

Bring your team together virtually over your favorite morning mug. After all, nothing brings us together like coffee, right? Have your team join passionate Hannah Ulbrich and Isabel Ranney in learning about how they source their beans, roast them, and all their secrets to brewing. These ladies will guide your team through the process of cupping three single-origin coffees.

Coffee Cupping is fun, interactive for your team and guarantees everyone will be alert for the day ahead!

  • Each kit includes 3 mini bags of coffee, 3 cupping bowls, a cupping spoon as well as an additional full size bag of coffee
  • Learn about the differences in coffee from various regions of the world, how their team roasts beans, and, of course, how to make the perfect cup of coffee from the pros
  • Learn how Copper Door is making a difference for women around the world
  • 60-minutes class
  • An opportunity to learn and ask questions from our expert
  • Bond with your team over a common experience
  • Starting at $75.00 per person
  • Optional: Add a custom pour over, mug or any other coffee accessory.

Hannah Ulbrich

Owner & Master Roaster

Hannah Ulbrich, owner of Copper Door Coffee Roastery, has a fresh take on the power of coffee. Not only does she see it as her purpose to provide clients with the best possible fresh roasted coffee -- coffee that reflects tradition and craftsmanship practiced around the world over hundreds of years; but she sees running the roastery as a way to commit to diversity, inclusion, and community while changing the industry through sustainability and supporting women worldwide. 100% of Copper Door’s roasting is done by wind power and the company purchases the majority of their beans from woman producers around the world. Ulbrich is the advisory chair of the Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance, a head judge for the Specialty Coffee Association’s Roasting Competition, and a certified coffee taster.

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