Cheese Tasting with Cypress Grove Cheese

The tastiest trio you’ve ever had

The Tasting Experience

Do you like fresh & tangy or buttery classics?  Have your team join our Cypress Grove expert to taste award winning cheeses including soft-ripened, fresh, and aged varieties. You will learn how the cheeses differ, how they are made and how they are aged. It is the perfect lunch-and-learn or happy hour experience. 

  • Each kit includes three handcrafted Cypress Grove cheeses
  • Compare and contrast flavor notes and pairings
  • Learn the differences between soft-ripened, fresh and aged cheese
  • Up to a 60-minute class
  • An opportunity to learn and ask questions from our expert
  • Bond with your team over a common experience
  • Takeaway cards with a note taking section provided
  • Starting at $85.00 per person
  • Optional: Include a bottle of wine or an elegant cheese-board with your logo

Meet Janne Rasmussen

Janne Rasmussen from Cypress Grove Cheese in Arcata, CA and a native of Humboldt County has been an integral part of the Grover team for 11 years. Throughout her time, she has both  enjoyed and excelled at the opportunity to expand the reach of the Cypress Grove brand. By slinging cheese at hundreds of consumer events and developing the Cheese Wiz program — a multi-city brand ambassador program for events — Janne has a deeply rooted understanding of the cheese consumer nationwide and a wide angle view on the cheese industry.

Never shy to ask a question or speak in front of a group, Janne enjoys any opportunity to entertain large groups of visitors and educate customers about Cypress Grove's line of cheeses. With a background in competitive dairy product evaluation and her inborn Dutch passion for full fat dairy, she now manages the New Product Development and Innovation program at Cypress Grove, bringing new and extended products to the market.

She’s never happier than when she has gathered a group of people around good food. If some of those people are her kids and husband, then all the better! Unless it is ok to admit that her true love is rewatching seasons of West Wing, Game of Thrones, and The Office - with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Boom Chocolatta Core, obviously.

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