Lennox Co. Product Spotlight: Paravel Sustainable Luggage

What does Mother Earth have in common with travel? Paravel luggage. Pack up your next trip in a bag made of recycled water bottles!

After over a year with no spontaneous jet-setting, it’s time to pack our bags, close our eyes, and point to the map. The idea of taking some much-deserved time off in a brand new place is getting us excited for the prospect of using our brand new Paravel luggage.

Have you heard about Paravel? The company is focused on creating eco-friendly products to reduce their carbon footprint, and the carbon footprint of their customers by using as many recycled materials in their products as possible. And, their products are gorgeous.

Not only does Paravel use recycled materials in their products, but they also plant a tree for every single order placed.

Paravel has planted more than 20,000 trees so far, that’s more than enough to fill Central Park.

Now you get why we HAD to partner with Paravel and offer their products to our clients. A Paravel gift is not only a gorgeous, luxurious product, it helps to plant a tree and recycle the world’s waste.


Take The Aviator, for example, the first-ever carbon-neutral suitcase. This carry-on-sized suitcase features a recycled polycarbonate shell, recycled zippers, a lining made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles, and a recycled, aircraft-grade aluminum handle. Carbon-neutral means they offset the sourcing, creating, and shipping of each suitcase, plus the average emissions of your first trip. That’s incredible!

Paravel’s nylon bags also set a new standard for travel products with their negative nylon. It’s a durable, soft, nylon made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. Paravel’s Fold Up Bag takes a whopping 22 plastic water bottles out of the ecosystem.

Indré Rockefeller, Paravel’s Co-Founder explained the birth of Paravel’s eco-conscious line of travel products as follows: 

“In 2018, I traveled to Antarctica with the Nature Conservancy who said the next 10 years are the most critical to the next 10,000 years when it comes to climate change. So I asked my Co-Founder Andy, are there better choices we could be making to lower our carbon footprint?


Within the first 24 hours of that phone call, we worked on making Paravel the first sustainable travel brand. We started reimagining plastic into product. It was something that we had to invest in and fight for, but we never questioned it. It became something that galvanized the whole team because in the end we’re fighting for something bigger.”

Join us in celebrating Earth Day and brands that use incredible technology to change the way we think about products and their impact on the environment.

Shop Paravel products in our Store today, and help us leave the planet a little better than we found it.

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