Lennox Co.: Meet The Founders

We’re Allie Travis and Lexie Bunim.

We met in Denver in 2017 after moving from Chicago and San Francisco, while we were working together downtown. As out-of-staters, we bonded over exploring our new city and spending weekends adventuring in the mountains.

When one of us realized our passion for innovative products, creative design, and client relations matched the other’s, Lennox Co. was born.

Our first three months in business were the busiest of the year for our field, so you could say we dove in headfirst. It’s the client relationship aspect of entrepreneurship that does it for us. We’re here to show our clients that slapping a logo on a tired old mug isn’t what corporate gifting is all about, it’s about showing gratitude and acknowledging hard work with thoughtful products, creative design, and even experiences.



Meet Allie Travis and Lexie Bunim

What's the biggest thing you're trying to accomplish with Lennox Co.?

Allie: My goal with Lennox is to create excitement through gifting. Whether it is a bundle or virtual experience or a combination of the two - the feeling should always be the same. Throughout the process, I work hard to create the final presentation and offer suggestions along the way so that each gift is a masterpiece. After all, presentation is everything!

Lexie: Purchasing gifts for your colleagues and clients can be stressful. The recipients are often a lot of people with diverse backgrounds, varying interests and living in different environments and the pressure of trying to figure out something to “wow” all of these individuals can seem hard. My goal with Lennox Co. is to make sure that our clients have a knowledgeable friend to consult with so that they confidently nail their gifting goals!


When did your love of entrepreneurship begin?

Allie: I would say my Dad inspired me to become an entrepreneur. Growing up he was always sharing ideas with me and asking my opinion on them. Roles reversed and I started sharing my ideas with him. With a combination of my gumption and his encouragement, I became an entrepreneur.

Lexie: I genuinely can’t remember. It just feels like problem-solving and figuring out how to utilize unleashed potential in business have always been the things that I have enjoyed most over my career (which is probably why I have always been attracted to start-ups).


What is your role at Lennox Co.?

Allie: Our roles change minute-by-minute, that's the joy of entrepreneurship! My focus (this week!) is to make sure our marketing efforts are consistent, curating products for our clients' needs, sales, and working with our fantastic clients.

Lexie: At Lennox, Allie and I both wear many hats! No two days are alike (which I love). My recent focus has been business operations and processes, product and brand curation, and, of course, working with my amazing clients.

How has teamwork influenced the way Lennox Co. operates?

Allie: With Lexie's help, I've figured out that I love the creative part of entrepreneurship.

Lexie: With Allie's help, I've figured out that I love the relationship building part of entrepreneurship. Starting a business reaffirmed how important working with people you enjoy is! From our suppliers and decorators to all the professionals and consultants, it's so great to be fond of the people you get to interact with.


What part of your childhood have you hung on to and brought with you into your entrepreneurial journey?

Allie: As a child, I always remember wondering what the adults around me were doing, why we needed a certain item for an activity, or what was the purpose for all these items around the house. Funny enough, wondering and questioning “Why?” on products has directly helped me offer practical and purposeful gifts for my clients.

Lexie: As a kid, I loved experimenting! Whether it was in what I ate, how I dressed, how I rode my bike or played with toys, life was about figuring out if “it worked”! Turns out, starting a company is pretty much the same thing. It’s taking what you know and testing it out.


What's your favorite thing to do in Denver?

Allie: I love summer in Denver. I am always outside on a patio enjoying a drink after a heated game of tennis. During the winter months, you will find me snowboarding all of the amazing mountains in the surrounding areas.

Lexie: I’ve been in Denver on-and-off for about eight years and I just love to walk around and check out all the ever-evolving neighborhoods. This city changes at such a rapid pace! In addition, I, like all Denverites, love escaping to the mountains to hike, ski, and paddleboard. Can you blame me? This city has the best “backyard”.


What was the biggest thing you've learned over the past year?

Allie: Slowed down life is actually pretty nice! I have gathered a better appreciation for what I already have and the places I have been. People always say you have your whole life to do something, but the pandemic really emphasized to me that there is no better time to do it than now.

Lexie: Life is what you make it! While many important aspects of my life were on pause, it gave me the opportunity to refocus on the “simple” things and learn to appreciate them.


When you're not working hard at Lennox Co., what do you enjoy?

Allie: My favorite thing to do is soak in the sun and go on leisurely bike rides...I highly recommend the Townie for this purpose!

Lexie: I love an adventure. Anything from trying out a new hiking trail to jumping in the car with some friends and driving eight hours to Montana for the weekend… This pandemic has me craving spontaneity!


If we haven’t met yet, please send us an email or follow us on LinkedIn. We love hearing from our amazing network!

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