How to Curb The Great Resignation

Have you heard the buzz about “The Great Resignation” or “Turnover Tsunami” this week? These terms are popping up all over our LinkedIn accounts, on Bloomberg, and in Forbes. As vaccinations continue to roll out and businesses start to navigate new office environments, employees are seriously questioning whether they’d like to come back into the workplace full-time.

There is a “talent flight risk” involved for companies who are in danger of losing their top talent to remote friendly or hybrid office conditions. According to research commissioned by the Achievers Workforce Institute, an employee recognition software company in Toronto, “46 percent of respondents feel less connected to their company, and 42 percent say company culture has diminished since the start of the pandemic.” That said, a hybrid of in-person and remote work is still preferred. 

The Good News

A recent positive is that the need for workers is starting to come back, thankfully. As more and more offices return to pre-pandemic levels of operation, more and more jobs are being created. While this is a sign of economic recovery, it increases the level of “talent flight risk” for those  who see a “grass is greener” position available.

What can you do for employees that feel less connected or who feel company culture is lacking?

Listening to your employees and what they’re asking for is a great first step. Conduct ‘stay’ interviews, instead of ‘exit’ interviews and see how you can improve their experience. 

Addressing burnout for all current employees  is just as important as addressing company culture issues. Tackle both while increasing camaraderie by offering virtual experiences. A wine tasting. A chocolate tasting. Host a coffee cupping (tasting) in replace of your weekly Monday morning meeting. All of these will infuse more of the human connection that is lacking in remote work and will re-foster colleague relationships. Mix it up and make it fun!

Have you tried incentivizing performance goals with gifts your employees actually want? Cheap branded tees and fountain pens are a thing of the past. What about an incredible leather bag or a lightweight vest they’ll actually wear? There are UV powered water bottles that kill all the bacteria  inside, essentially cleaning itself. If performance goals are not an issue, a genuine  “Welcome back to the office!” gift is just as appreciated - if not more.

If this is your first corporate gifting journey of 2021, there are a few things you should discuss with your team before you start looking at all the product options. We’ve created a helpful resource for you: A Guide to Getting Started with Corporate Gifting. This offers steps to follow, how to choose the right gifts, how to increase your  brand’s ROI and how to create the ideal company culture.



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