A Year In The Books

It’s hard to believe it's been a year since we packed up our desks, grabbing what we identified as essential for our impending “work from home” office. In those first weeks, we worked with what we had - propping our computers on piles of books and making interim offices from our sofas.

By Spring, it was time to reevaluate. Many of us have moved from our cozy perches and found ways to carve out our workspaces - converting closets and dining room tables into offices. We brought home monitors, bought ergonomic chairs, upgraded our lighting, and purchased more snacks than we ever expected we would need.

But now, a year into this “work from home” model, it’s time to assess your workspace. Whether you can’t wait to get back to your office or hope to be remote forever, one thing is for sure: things have changed and it looks like hybrid-work models are here to stay.

As companies, let’s make sure that employees have the necessary setup to be productive, happy, and healthy. Our team has diligently tested many office “essentials.” Some didn’t have an impact while others made all the difference. Here’s what made the list:

Man working from laptop at home

Get out of your PJs

Yes, it’s no fun. Why am I putting on clothes if I’m not leaving the house? Serious debate. But our conclusion is that the way we feel about ourselves has an impact on the way we work. Fortunately, there are a multitude of options for brandable cozy layers making us feel put together yet comfortable and presentable.

Mind Your Posture

Game changer! The Laptop Curve Stand is without a doubt the easiest way to transform your desk into an ergonomic paradise. With an eye-level computer, neck, shoulder, and eye strain is relieved.

Organized work from home office

Eliminate Clutter

It’s inevitable that our desks become cluttered with notes and reminders, stacks of mail that needs to be opened, and random accessories that seem to build up. That said, creating a clean and organized workspace is essential for maintaining productivity. The Umbra Hammock Accessory Organizer is the perfect home for all your desk accessories.

Quiet on Set

Many of us are sharing our work space with our partners, children, roommates or barking pups and finding a quiet room to escape to isn’t always an option. We have found that a great set of headphones or earbuds can make all difference. While we all enjoy a glimpse into our colleague’s lives, no one needs to hear the actual chaos in action!

Ready to Rumble

Does anyone else check their cabinets and refrigerator mid-day hoping that they have been restocked by a magical soul who knows their cravings? Well, I do. And while it hasn’t happened, these quick trips to the kitchen give me the chance to refill my coffee before calls, make a pot of tea before back-to-back afternoon meetings, or snag a square of chocolate (why not?).

Woman making coffee

Keepin’ It Charged

Is it just us or does everything need to be charged these days? AirPods, mouse, keyboard, powerbanks, phone… there are so many essentials that help us stay productive. Having chargers, like the CATCH:2 or the wiCHARGE, are essential for the rotation of devices.

Tired Eyes

It has been reported that during the pandemic, we are spending more time looking at screens than ever before. Most of us check our phones when we wake-up, then move to our computers, perhaps workout in front of a television or screen before wrapping up our day watching a television show or movie. Did we mention that most of us are constantly checking our phones throughout the day also? It is not unusual for us to have more than one screen going at a time. After purchasing blue light blockers (BLB), my mid-afternoon headaches quickly became a thing of the past. That said, blue light blocking glasses have seriously changed our lives!


Lastly, and most importantly, have a space you love. I love my morning ritual; turning on my Ember mug and filling it with hot coffee, lighting a candle, and feeding my plants. While it’s important that your workspace be functional, it is equally important to have it be a place that fosters creativity and productivity.

Woman zipping up Patagonia pullover sweater

Having the right tools are crucial for success! And while you likely don’t require anything other than your computer, having the right accessories can make all the difference. We think about it the same way as having a stocked kitchen or clean clothes. Having these essentials makes it easier to seamlessly adjust to our new normal. And remember, just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean your team has to feel remote! A fun virtual experience is an excellent way to bring your team members together, no matter where they’re working.

Reach out to Lennox today for work from home gifts and ideas that your employees will love.

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