3 Reasons To Gift a Pre-Curated Bundle

A corporate gifting program requires a fair amount of time and attention, especially if it is an on-going program designed to delight and celebrate clients and employees.

The process of choosing the perfect gift during the different seasons of the year and stages of business can be tricky and often time-consuming. That’s where bundles come in. Here at Lennox Co. we’ve pre-curated a number of gift bundles that are perfect for all seasons, summer especially, when clients and colleagues have their eyes on vacation and activities outside the office.

Here are a few reasons why it’s smart to incorporate bundles into your gifting program.

Bundles make gift selection a breeze.

Instead of combing through pages and pages of products trying to figure out which of these items makes the most sense together as a cohesive gift, our bundles allow you to look at one page and select quickly.

We’ve curated hundreds of bundles over the years, and we know what kind of products people  get excited about. You no longer have to worry about questions like, “Will they like this?” and “Is this gift something they’ll actually use?”

We’ve curated our bundles to match all kinds of giving opportunities we’ve come across before, like our“Adventure Bound” bundle, or our “Office-On-The-Go” bundlefor those who are hiring remote workers. We’ve created a “Relax & Regenerate” bundle to encourage your colleagues to get out of the office and practice self-care.  

There is still lots of room for customization.

While bundles take all of the what-should-we-gift stress out of the way, on the other side of the coin, it’s easy to swap out one pre-curated product for something that fits your company or recipients better.

Perhaps you already have a favorite water bottle you’d like to gift, swap it out! Would you rather do a whiskey cocktail rather than a tequila cocktail in the “Custom Happy Hour Box”? No problem! 

Adding your own spin to your bundle will make it even more special for the recipient. We can add your brand logo to almost all of our products to foster pride at work for colleagues. Prefer to leave the product plain? We can always customize the box, tissue, or tape.

Looking for a personal touch? By adding a printed or handwritten card (with your personalized sentiment), you ensure your gift recipient knows exactly where their gift came from as soon as they see it.

You get your time back.

The one thing none of us are guaranteed is time. Why waste time sorting through products on your own? Trust us to help you curate the perfect gift for your recipient. We’ve taken the time to build these bundles to make sure the best products are being presented to your giftee. We’ve tested these bundles in real-life gift-giving situations, with real people, and we can say that our bundle offering is one of the best you can find.

Presentation is key when it comes to gifting, and these bundles already have a presentation strategy baked in. We can add your logo to boxes, change the colors inside and outside the box to match your company's colors, or even print custom tissue paper.

Increase engagement, and take the guesswork out of the gifting process with a bundle, the latest offering from Lennox Co.

Check out our bundles today, save yourself some time and get a head start on summer gifting. Reach out on the Contact page or by calling 303-900-7533 or emailing us hello@lennoxco.com.


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